Spa Belles is a family-run spa destination, headquartered in the heart of New York City. The CEO of Spa Belles, Myoung Yi, is a nail spa industry expert with over 17 years of experience. Her dynamic experience as well as her commitment to quality gives the company its competitive edge.
Since 1996, Spa Belles has served over a million customers, catering to a diverse clientele ranging from international tourists to business professionals to high profile celebrities. With each client, Spa Belles provides superior service with equal regard to satisfy each and every client’s needs. As a result, Spa Belles learned a thing or two about how to best pamper and rejuvenate our customers.
So whether you’re getting a straightforward manicure or indulging in one of our luxurious spa packages, you can be confident that Spa Belles will provide you with the best service possible and that we will surpass your expectations for an unforgettable experience.


What Sets Us Apart
From The Rest


The evolution of nail care started with Spa Belles and we continue to be the leader in the nail spa industry. Weekly employee training and a sharp eye on quality control set us apart, and ensure that Spa Belles is recognized for the most consistent nail and spa services in New York City.
With convenient locations throughout New York City, you will find all the desired spa services and more in just a New York minute!

- Multiple locations, which are just steps away from the subway.
- Over 100 spa services and growing!
- We are able to customize services for your spa needs.
- Commitment to clean and sanitary services.
- Our technicians go through rigorous training to ensure quality & excellence.
- Recognized for our quality, convenience and the Spa Belles experience.


Hand Disinfection
Before beginning each service, all Spa Belles professionals are required to disinfect their hands with liquid sanitizer. This process prevents the spread of common germs to give you a peace of mind.
Sanitation and Sterilization
Spa Belles has a staff that specializes in sanitizing and sterilizing the facility and equipment. After each client, our staff will clean the pedicure chairs, tabletops, and all other facility equipment with hospital-grade sanitizers to ensure your comfort and safety.
Personal Spa Belles Manicure Kit
At Spa Belles, we recommend that first-time customers purchase a personal “Manicure Kit” (for a nominal fee) to ensure a higher level of sanitation. Spa Belles will store the “Manicure Kit” at the Spa Belles location of your choice.
Belles No Double-Dip Policy
Spa Belles uses only sanitary equipment and enforces a strict policy that meets the highest standards of sanitation. Due to common problems associated with double dip wax applications, Spa Belles adopted the No Double-Dip policy. All equipment is used only once and sanitized before its next use. Clean, sanitary equipment is used for every application.
Metal Instruments Sterilized
Spa Belles uses a high pressure, heat-sterilization device called autoclave for all metal instruments. Autoclave represents the highest level of sterilization and is standard procedure at medical facilities in the U.S. After autoclaving, the implements are placed into individual sealed, disposable, sanitation pouches (just as you see at the dentist's office) and opened at the start of each manicure or pedicure service.