Crystal Resurfacing (Face Only) $150

A gentle yet effective treatment utilizes highly innovative techniques with micronized crystals. Helps slough off dead skin cells and age spots, eliminates signs of sun damage and smooth our premature wrinkles.

•    Extraction Extra $30
•    A series of six treatment: $750 (You save $150)


Ultimate Resurfacing $180

Combined with biological exfoliating mask and post-treatment mask.

Local Resurfacing
Back $120
Upper Arm $60
Hands $45

SpeBelles Add-On Treatments

*Available with microdermabrasion for extra enhancement

Puracne Oxygen mask $60
Collagen Velvet Mask $75
Spa C Spa Mask $60
Seaweed Mask $55
Four Layer Mask $60

  • Series of four to six treatments are recommended as a minimum.
     Best if performed once every 7-14 days.

  • Discounts available for series of six or more for any microdermabrasion services.